Why does Fuel price and Fuel Qty not multiply into the COST field?!?

2019-11-12 07:32:04

This is bugging me in the iOS version since I am using this app. Every time at the gas station I input the gas price/Ltr (e.g. 45.51) and the fuel qty added (e.g. 65.00) soooo why do I still need to compute myself the cost field? All the data needed is available (45.51 x 65.00) ... now isn’t it? Also, if I tell the employee to add gas for 3000.00 he will do exactly that so the field for Fuel QTY as well should be automatically computed and filled, why is it not? Of course it should be correctable but not 0.00 ? And you can’t save the record of those fields don’t have data? Please fix this. Thanks


Sorry about that. This will be fixed in the next iOS release.

mrigaen    2019-11-29 13:51:12