Several tweaks

2018-10-04 13:11:31

I've found things that are not right. Like the App will not display the data at the data point only draw a line for you to guess. Where on the PC browser it displays the data point and what the value is. Then on the App, you select the vehicle you are driving but go to the browser it always defaults to the first one in the list. The browser version is missing the import feature. So if I export and backup on my PC where would be common there is no way to import back a copy if I wanted to reload the data on the PC. Reminders don't fully work on a PC and tell you to go to your mobile App. This should be allowed so people setting up fleets or several vehicles can use their PC that hen pecking on a mobile device trying to load all the reminders.


Thanks so much for your suggestions. Regarding adding capabilities to the website, we are planning on doing that very soon.

mrigaen    2018-10-04 13:25:41