Several feedback reports

2019-12-29 00:43:59

Hi, First of all it doesn't seem to work support mail. [image 1] 1. If I put same date 9/21 it won't allow me to add an item. The same is if I try to edit. [image 2] I had to put different date, and it allowed me to add an new item. 2. If I add 2 or more images (which is possible thru the app), it will upload only the last image and it will overwrite over the existing one. It will not upload to your server. 3. Everyone's data are publicly available among their email addresses which is completely different then what it is advertised on the main webpage: [image 3] 4. Everything written in the Android app, it will write in capital letters. If you add same data over the webpage - everything is okay. This is very annoying. 5. It doesn't propose automaticaly previously written data (e.g. gas station) if you are adding/changing data over the web, as it works in the app. 6. Still not sorting by kilometers if there are multiple data for the same day: [image 4] Thanks, Nemanja


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