Mileage Update Screen

2019-03-06 18:46:25

So I'm a long time user but they have recently gone offline. So I'm in the process of moving all my records over into your system. One thing I liked about their system was there was a screen that showed each car, the systems estimate on the current mileage and then a spot to update the mileage to actual. Also on this screen was the past due items from all the vehicles shown at once. This was a great way for me to enter updated mileages and then see what vehicles needed what quickly. Having 8 vehicles that I rotate, there is no consistency in the mileages so the system estimates don't always come out well.


Hi Mike, were you able to get your records somehow from They went offline and it seems I have lost all my records there, so I have no idea when services are due for my cars... Any idea how to get the records from them? kind regards,

gabor    2019-03-22 18:11:04

Hi Mike. Thanks a lot for your comment. Sorry, I missed your comment. The suggestion you provide is great. Is there a sceenshot you can share?

mrigaen    2019-04-01 12:50:29