Feature Request: Set car specific measurement units

2019-10-29 21:34:12

I use the app to track my expenses for two different cars. One has a odometer in miles and the other one in kilometers. I either have to remember to check the settings every time I enter anything or calculate between the units in my head. It would be nice if I could either change the settings on a per car basis or have a dropdown menu as it is implemented for volume. I would prefer the first solution.


Thanks for the suggestion. This is something that we will surely consider including in the future.

mrigaen    2019-10-30 18:19:40

I am in need of this fix on as well on iOS version. I have one vehicle using miles and US gallons while another using kilometers and US gallons. creates a problem.

david    2020-08-23 23:31:59

Hi David. As mentioned in my other comment to you, Simply Auto does not currently support this. We might in the future. We have a fleet app, Simply Fleet, that supports this. Since it's a business app, it does cost more but you are welcome to check it out at www.simply-fleet.com.

mrigaen    2020-08-24 10:25:48