Feature Request: Remove trailing spaces from the Fuel Brand field to avoid duplications.

2019-05-03 09:06:57

Could I also please ask that you consider removing trailing spaces from the Fuel Brand field if the user happens to include one. This is more to correct trailing spaces entered incorrectly by predictive text rather than a defect with the app but it means that some locations can end up being displayed twice when displaying fuel economy by brand, for example. Worked example: Fuel Brand: SHELL Fuel Brand: SHELL_ ... are not the same when it comes to the app / exported .csv. If I were to look at the fuel economy by brand then I would have two entries for "SHELL", one of which has a space in the name but should be considered to be the same. I can go into the .csv file and find instances such as this without too much difficulty and this is easier than trying to find the relevant instance in the app itself, but it would be better if the trailing space wasn't included in the first place. Please note that this should only apply to trailing spaces and not spaces in general, so in this example: SHELL SHELL_ <- the trailing space should be removed, but in this example: SHELL_FUELSAVE <- the space between the supplier and the brand should not be removed. SHELL_FUELSAVE_ <- only the last (trailing) space would be removed. Thank you for your consideration.


Such a shame the forum text handler removed all my lovely text formatting... I tabulated the worked examples and everything ! :)

themanwithnoname    2019-05-03 09:09:07

Thanks for reporting this, themanwithnoname :) We will surely correct this in the next update.

mrigaen    2019-05-03 12:10:33