Feature Request - Notification of upcoming reminders

2018-02-07 22:10:12

I'm a recent convert from Drivvo and one thing I really like about that app is that upcoming reminders will show up at the top of the Log screen in a different color once you get within a user-defined amount of miles / days of reaching that reminder. As far as I can tell, Fuel Buddy only gives you a system notification once a reminder is overdue. I would like to request a similar pre-notification of reminders by whatever mechanism you think would be best...a system notification, a banner at the top of the app on all screens, a system notification, etc. It would be nice if the user could also customize the threshold by which the notification will be generated. I also sent this in via the web form but thought I'd repeat it here in case that one didn't go through.


We did receive your suggestion via feedback. This is something I'll implement very soon. Thanks a lot for the suggestion.

mrigaen    2018-02-08 05:36:08