Feature Request - Easier to browse/search service history

2021-10-03 22:21:33

Hi, new user here - great app! I've just been inputting all my old service records for my cars into the app (iOS version). Having put in a large amount of past records, what I really want is to be easily go back and see things like "when was the last time I changed the spark plugs". Unfortunately this sees surprisingly difficult. I have a couple of suggestions that would make it much nicer: – On the "show all" (log entries) screen, show multiple services on separate lines for the same service entry. Currently they're just listed out with commas, so functionally you only see the first one or two which is a pain when you have service visits that included many service items. It should be easy to just scroll down the service history and see when various types of service happened. – In the search, allow searching by specific service type(s). This would let me quickly see the full history for spark plug replacements, oil changes, or whatever. - Also on the "show all" screen, let me configure to not show the cost column. I don't really care about keeping track of costs in the app so the column of "n/a" entries just takes up space that would let me see more about service items. Thanks for listening!


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