Feature Request: Display annual mileage stats in "Stats & Charts" in addition to Distance.

2019-05-03 11:37:04

I lease my vehicle and as part of that lease I have to specify an annual mileage. Aside from monitoring my fuel economy this is the main reason for using apps such as Simply Auto. Could you please add an (option for) annual mileage stat to the "Stats & Charts" section, possibly under "Total Stats" so that this information is readily available. I can perform a similar function by specifying custom dates and picking a year between the start / end when this appears as "Distance" but this seems like a bit of a fuss for a simple figure and is subject to user error. At the moment I run the outdated and now unsupported FuelLog (Android) app alongside Simply Auto largely because i prefer the way it handles and displays my averages. I will attach a screen grab of FuelLog showing the average annual mileage and a .csv export of the data that was used to generate this (don't worry, there are no personally identifyable fields in there). The latter is probably of most interest as there seems to be some sort of baseline levelling going on as having just changed my car and re-filled it up fully just once, Fuel Log is currently claiming my annual mileage to be 9976.67m per year (CAR_2) when over approx 2.5 years of previous car data (CAR_1) it correctly identified my average mileage to be 15869.93 miles. If you could add more average data (particularly average annual mileage) I would not feel the need to run two apps that do pretty much the same thing. Note: I see that I cannot upload the .csv file, so please let me know if you would like it emailed over instead.


Note: Would be attachments can be found here (link is valid for 6 months): http://pc.cd/Mng7

themanwithnoname    2019-05-03 11:43:29

Thanks. This makes sense and we will surely try to incorporate this. QQ, are you interested in the current year's annual mileage or previous year's?

mrigaen    2019-05-03 12:14:35

That's a good question because the answer is "neither". The way that FuelLog appears to be calculating it (which works really well for me as it takes into account the whole duration of ownership which is important when leasing a vehicle for say 3 years) is by doing this: 1. Take 365 days and divide that by the number of days (duration) that the log has been active (so in the case of CAR_2 in my example,. this would be 365 / 15 = 24.333). 2. Multiply that ratio by last recorded mileage (so in this example it would be 24.333 x 410) = the resulting prediction of 9976 average miles per year. This isn't correct at the moment (I typically do about 16K) but it gets more accurate the more data is available. So using the data from CAR_1 instead which covers 1012 days and 44013 miles gives us the correct answer of approx. 15870 per year of ownership. Please feel free to check my maths against the spreadsheet data to make sure I'm not over simplifying it. When I next come to trade my vehicle in I can round that up to say 17K so I don't get charged an excess mileage fee but not pay much more up-front for depreciation as if I had say claimed to be doing 20K a year. This sort of average is very useful to have to hand when negotiating the next lease period with the car dealership and the accuracy of this always seems to impress. I have been using FuelLog for this purpose now for about 8 years and 3 trade ins and have not had any issues with this method of calculation. What do you think - is this viable for Simply Auto ?

themanwithnoname    2019-05-03 15:57:18