Feature Request- Create a section for vehicle parts.

2018-08-26 17:00:53

Please create a section for recording vehicle parts. This would be a section not linked to the maint or fuel logs. It is simply to put in parts for your vehicle. I would use it for lightbulb part numbers, Brake Fluid, Differential Fluid, Tire size, Oil type,...... This is handy for when you need to buy something you have the info at your fingertips vs trying to find it buried in the last maint record. Oh by the way if you do this you will get features that aCar has and thus some aCar Pro Refugees that are not happy with their new pricing. Then your product would be virtually a one-for-one replacement for those people adrift looking for an aCar replacement. ie Like Me! Thanks, ~TBS


Hi Chip. As mentioned in my other comment to you, this is possible under Vehicles > Edit > Show More > + Specifications. This lets you add as many parts/specifications for your vehicle as you like :)

mrigaen    2018-08-26 17:28:30