Feature request

2018-07-02 03:21:30

Hello, first, this is a great application and I thank you for it. I use it all the time for both my car and my motorcycle. Next, I would like you to consider adding the following features if possible: 1) I do not have 'data/internet' services on my phone, so, when I am on the road and fill up, I get a 'sync failure' message, however, when I get back home, my phone automatically reconnect to my home WIFI. It would be nice if the application would detect this and retry it's 'sync' operation at that time. Currently, I need to manually force a 'sync' operation for the new data to be uploaded and sync to my other device (tablet). 2) When I add a new full-up, I now get the option to select the volume (Liters vs US Gallons vs UK Gallons), and this is great, it would however be nice if the same volume was shown for the price. Currently, it shows 'Price/L' regardless on the volume selected on quantity. It would be nice to have: Price/L or Price/USGal or Price/UKGal to match the volume selected on quantity. 3) Also, It would like to be able to select the currency on that same 'add fill-up' screen. I often travel to the USA from Canada. Gas is sold in Liters and paid in CAD in Canada and sold in US Gallons and paid in USD in the USA. While in the USA, it would be great if the application would allow me to enter the amount paid at the gas station in USD and convert it to CAD automatically. I understand that some conversion tables will need to be included in the application and kept up to date and this may not be so easy because of the number of currencies available. Thanks.


Hi Yvan - Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I really appreciate the feedback. Regarding Point (1), this is an issue in Android Nougat and later due to the some changes made by Android. However, we will be working on this and will try to get this rectified in the next update. Let me know if you mean this for Android or iPhone. Point (2), is a very valid point. We'll try to get this done in the next update. For point(3), as you rightly mentioned, we will need a mechanism to constantly check on the exchange rates. This, for now, is out of scope for us.

mrigaen    2018-07-02 07:15:27