What's next for out iPhone app.

2017-11-07 17:09:31

We have big plans for our iOS app. Very soon the app will have the sync feature :) Our iOS users will be able to sync their data on the cloud, keep multiple devices in sync and will be able to view their data on the web as well. This will make Fuel Buddy a truly cross platform app.


How soon will the IOS app be released.? Hopefully it will be better than the present method of backup to Google. Either the backup to Google or the app is very much in need of an update.

alang    2017-11-19 09:54:48

Hi Alang. We are in the process of testing the sync feature on iOS. Yes, it will be auto sync, which means that all your data will be synced with our cloud server in real time. No need to ever take a backup (though it doesn't hurt to take a backup on Google Drive ever now and then). This will also let you view data on our website www.fuelbuddy-app.com.

mrigaen    2017-11-20 18:48:04

Great to hear that this roadmap item is still in your plans. I'd be happy to help with any beta testing as my partner has iOS and I'm on Android and we both fill up whichever of our cars we are driving at the time. We've both purchased the relevant app and were somewhat disappointed when we realised that your sync was either Apple or Google cloud, but not cross-platform.. Once this feature is in place this will be the perfect app.

minty_lamb    2017-11-23 23:19:04

Thanks for your reply about the up coming IOS update. Also happy to assist with any testing.

alang    2017-11-24 06:28:29

Do you have any idea as to when I will be able to make backups of my data on IOS? I love the app, but I need toe data in my spreadsheets to tax purposes

wilf zenker    2018-08-19 19:55:02

is the sync app for iPhone in place yet?

vanessa hayden    2018-12-17 20:13:22