What lies ahead for the Android app.

2017-11-07 16:26:02

On Android, the next big thing we are working on is the auto start and stop trip feature. This feature will automatically start trips as soon as it detects vehicle movement and stop the trip when it detects so. We are in the process of perfecting this and it and should be out soon. Any suggestions here are most welcome.


Please optimise the app a little bit! It's sucking up battery like nothing else. I stopped it from running in the background for now, but that's not really a long term fix.

ryan    2017-11-15 07:05:33

The app should not be running the background at all. Are you on the latest version? Can you send me a screenshot of service running the background. You can mail me at support@fuelbuddy-app.com.

mrigaen    2017-11-15 07:32:21

How are you planning to know which car the phone is in, to know whether to link the start - stop activity with a registered vehicle, or to ignore it because you might be in a taxi or someone else car? Actually I'll suggest that you can get the user to register the bluetooth MAC of the handsfree kit and check for this to see if you are in a known vehicle. Not sure how you'll do this otherwise

minty_lamb    2017-11-23 23:39:16