Thank you

2021-01-11 04:36:45

Hello there. Been using the app for over a month and loving it. Haven't purchased the full version yet but co sidering it. I saw in the comments someone mentioned adding vehicle parts. That's great but you can also give us a way for us to add them. Also if we can add vehicle details such as fuel tank capacity and current fuel level, it would be easier for you to determine fuel economy. Great job!


Hello Rodrigo. Thanks for your comment. Regarding adding of vehicle parts, you can do that by going into vehcles > Click the 3 dots > Edit > Show More > + Specifications. You can add as many specifications as you like. We will surely consider your suggestion about fuel tank capacity and fuel level. Though this would only help us with the first fill-up, so not sure if this would be of much help.

mrigaen    2021-01-11 07:19:42