another possible aCar mover

2019-01-01 22:10:54

As others have stated, aCar seems to have lost its focus on customers and in delivering a stable product since becoming part of Fuelly. Your app LOOKS promising and the ability to read an aCar backup file is a good effort. I say good because there was no indications that there was any incompatible data in the process. However, there are several things I have subsequently found which are somewhat irksome. Why can't you support LR and commas in comment fields? It wasn't until I was reviewing your exported CSV files that I found screwed up records. In *every* case it was related to an aCar record which had commas. I was able to fix everything but it took quite a bit of manual effort to find & edit records. Vehicle ID/vehicle alias: I don't see a way to edit this. If I had two of same vehicle, how does your app distinguish them?


Thank for the feedback, we are really looking into it. Soon we will fix this LR and commas issue. For vehicle ID/ vehicle alias: Vehicle ID is the combination of make and model as long as you can differentiate the model with any feature like color, model version or license no.

utkarsh singh    2019-01-03 07:41:19

Thanks for the reply. I found field 'Vehicle ID' in all three CSV export files. Using spreadsheet program I changed the values in each file to something more personable, taking care to match spelling & capitalization. Then I restored those files to phone and that vehicle has a name I like. Seems like it would be fairly easy to allow user to provide a name instead of just defaulting to make & model.

albie    2019-01-04 04:09:30

Thanks for the suggestion, we will surely implement that.

utkarsh singh    2019-01-04 06:08:26