aCar Refugee over to Simply Auto!

2018-08-26 16:48:31

I want to thank Simply Auto for making the move and import of native aCar records very easy. I have not been happy with the recent change in pricing structure Fuelly (aCar's new owner) has imposed on the PRO users. I was looking for a quality replacement and ran across Simpy Auto. It seems to be mostly a one for one all for $5. The only enhancement for Simply Auto I would suggest is to have a section for vehicle parts. Thank you for making a quality product. ~TBS


Hi Chip. So glad to have you as a part of the Simply Auto community. You can actually add vehicle parts. This option is available under Vehciles > Click the 3 dots on the vehicle > Edit > Show More > + Specifications.

mrigaen    2018-08-26 17:26:35