Sync Data with 2 users and Access data on website not working on GOLD update.

2021-05-18 19:29:39

I have paid for Gold level. The App tells me I've already paid for that level. On the pricing web page, showing what each level has, it shows Gold level with "Sync data between multiple devices", "Sync data between multiple drivers - 3 drivers", and "Access your data on the web". However, when simply trying to login to the website, with my Google account, I get the error: "Accessing data on the web is available to pro users. To become a pro user, please purchase the pro version from the mobile app." This stems from trying to Sync on the phone app, and only having the options to overwrite cloud data with phone data, or overwrite phone data with cloud data. My wife uses the app for her car, I use the app for my car, on occasion we are driving each others car and try to enter gas logs for the other car. MPG calculates incorrectly because the sync is not working. I'm afraid of overwriting cloud data, as I don't want to lose whats in each phone. I'm hopeful that it just adds the data from one phone and doesn't delete data that doesn't match, in which case I can overwrite cloud with both phones, then sync to get everything down to each phone. But with Gold level, a simple sync should work with 2 users and 2 devices, within whats allowed for Gold level.


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