FuelBuddy - android intent and service records

2018-03-19 18:06:58

I tried to send an email to the support@fuelbuddyapp.com, but it returned me as not delivery. Here is my question: it is two or three weeks ago, then i bought your software FuelBuddy. It is the best of for me. I have question,whether you could provide me with a set of external intent commands for the exit, and start of the program, but especially the command for starting and exiting trip logs. I'm using Tasker sw and I would like to know when my program starts and ends recording. I use similar sequences on Waze and Autoguar.d for example "sent intent: com.xxxxx.xxxxx.Stop_Record" etc. I would also need to know how to get ms-windows "MyCar" data into your program. I also have a lot of car service event and tax events and that is not written on your instructions. My testing with * .csv file generation did not succeed.


Hello and welcome to the forum. Our email is support@fuelbuddy-app.com, you missed the '-'. We currently do not broadcast intents. But we will surely consider your request. Regarding your request to import data from 'MyCar', please email me the files at support@fuelbuddy-app.com. I can help you with that.

mrigaen    2018-03-20 06:28:05

Hi, thank you for the answer and the offer too. Some parts I have already been imported and I know where was my bug. I'll try it all once again import it, and if I did not ready, I'll send you my files. Broadcasting intents to android would be good because it is not always possible to create the right log of the ride and sometimes nothing. One from my two android devices has better results than second (Right route loging) . I tried both. I'm glad to have things under control. ;) I still have a question, if you are thinking of an automatic fuel "windows or notification" popup when i stopping and your sowtware detecting (near location) a gas station. Some competitors have it. But, with your software I am very satisfied. I wish you a nice day.

wav    2018-03-22 18:28:36