Web App issues

2019-07-23 00:35:45

I can't find a forum for the web application, just Andriod and iPhone forums, so I'm going to post my web app issues here. I'm using the latest version of chrome for the web app. 1) If I add an image to an entry from my iPhone, then the entry cannot be viewed on the web app. 2) On the Log screen, I cannot find a "view" button to view an entry, so I use the pencil icon which opens the "Edit" screen. This is probably fine, but if you close the screen by hitting "submit" instead of "close" then you save the entry again. This might be ok too except that if the Service selected on a Service Log entry includes more than one service, then that screen forgets what services are associated with the log entry and could potentially save back bad data.


Thanks for reporting this, Ryan. We'll get this sorted.

mrigaen    2019-07-23 06:15:32