Full Sync Request not reaching other driver

2017-12-28 18:01:40

Hi I am trying to full sync my data from my Samsung S6 to my wife's Huawei phone. The Full Sync request just never reaches her. I'm cleared cache on both phones, no change. Requesting a full sync from my wife's phone works, the notification reaches my phone. But doing it from my phone does not work - the notification does not reach her phone. Other notifications for the app, like adding her as driver or removing her as driver, do reach her phone, so it doesn't seem to be a notification issue. Anything else I can try?


Ver sorry about the issue. Can you please mail me at support@fuelbuddy-app.com with the details. I'll need the gmail id you've used to login into the cloud.

mrigaen    2017-12-29 11:59:41