Fuel efficiency km/L not displayed

2019-05-30 05:45:13

i m unable to track my fuel efficiency. there was an option to customise stats and charts but when i went there, fuel eff (req) is grayed out from the check box. hence i think i m missing something


Hi. It's greyed out becuase that statisitc cannot be disabled, it will always be shown on the stats and charts screen. Do you see an n/a for the fuel eff value? Is it becuase you only have partial fill ups as yet? You need at least two full tank fill ups for the app to start calculating efficiency. For further details, you can mail us at support@simplyauto.app or you could also refer to our user guide on www.simplyauto.app > Help > User Guide.

mrigaen    2019-05-30 06:59:12

Thanks for fast reply!! :) You are right ^^! Indeed yes. It displays n/a and i have not done full fillups yet. I m onto it now!

saif haq    2019-05-31 04:34:42