Auto trips Working Poorly

2018-07-14 06:46:27

The auto trip function does not seem to work well. Phone is fully operational, gps is on, no restrictions or anything and sometimes it records a trip, but quite often it wont. I bought the app and subscribed to the pro version so i do not have to keep recording trips and so it emails to me. If i have to record trips manually, the app is kind of pointless.Why is it not recording?


Hi Nik. Have responded to you via email.

mrigaen    2018-07-14 07:18:11

Hi mrigaen, I have exactly the same problem. Subscribed to the pro, to log my trips with my android car headunit automatically. But nothing happens. The auto trips setting is now, tried with and without gps tracking, same result.

luis0rodrigues    2018-10-14 16:52:56

Hi Luis. Are you on the latest update of Simply Auto on Android? Please mail me at

mrigaen    2018-10-14 17:31:40